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Department of Linguistics


Linguistics at Macquarie is an extensive research-oriented Department that welcomes opportunities for collaboration with individual students and scholars, other departments, organizations and institutions worldwide. As the disciplinarily most diverse department of Linguistics in Australia , and very possibly worldwide, its research areas and the expertise of its staff span the canvas of language-focused inquiry: textual and descriptive, cognitive and experimental, social and discursive, applied and instrumental. Its orientation to promoting basic, applied and policy-related research, and their linkages, ensures the maintenance of connection between inquiry and practice.

Its four broad Areas of Research Concentration include:  

These Areas provide a broad scoping of the range of research and publication in Linguistics at Macquarie . They offer a framework within which staff, research students and visiting scholars can set their work, both within a particular Area and, as very often in the Macquarie tradition, across them.

As a means of articulating this conceptual framework, the Department houses a number of University Research Centres, and a newly-established Faculty Research Centre. Each of these Centres has its own program of research-related activity, and provides resources, both intellectual and practical, to enable a rich environment to foster inquiry for its associated staff and research students. In addition, English Language Centre provides an internationally unique resource for a wide range of publications and databases supporting in particular research into language education and translation & interpreting.  

Research Centres

Research students undertaking research degrees in the Department are both numerous and very diverse in their research specialisms and their backgrounds. Currently, we welcome almost 100 research students from over 19 countries to our research degree programs, both onsite and through our extensive and pioneering distance and online learning provision.

Research Training Degrees

Macquarie University has introduced an international-standard two-year research training pathway program leading to Master of Research. This is Macquarie's new core pathway to Higher Degree Research study.
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Macquarie Linguistics is truly a global research community, through its partner institutions overseas, its students, and its core and associate staff, through its commitment to multi-modality in program and research support, through its rich engagement with projects and initiatives worldwide, its extensive publication and funded research record - in terms of books, research papers and reports and edited journals - and, above all, through the international experience of its expert staff and the accumulating contribution of its committed research students.

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