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D1, D2 (X1 - Auslan)

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Mr. Izumi Inoue, Auslan - Dr Jemina Napier

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TRAN 816 is a general introduction to translation studies and a practical translation unit. The unit includes 5 lectures for students from all language groups together from week 3 to week 7 and 13 weeks of tutorials separate for each language group. The theory lectures are designed to introduce students to basics of translation theory and a number of lecture related tasks that will be done during the tutorial classes.  The material covered during the lectures and the language specific practical task-solving tutorials will examine important aspects of translation as a profession as well as issues of achieving equivalence. Knowledge and skills acquired in this area will be tested in the mid-semester theory examination. The fifth and last lecture will be devoted to the ethics of the profession. The material covered in this lecture will be tested in the “Ethics of the profession” part of the final examination at the end of the semester. Translation practice on the other hand, will be taught every week. All students will also have to gain credit for 25 hours of practical experience outside the university (practicum), which is part of the requirement for NAATI accreditation.

Attendance requirements: 4 hours of tutorialsfrom week1 to 13 plus 10 hours of lectures from week 3 to week 7 included

For Auslan students, the unit introduces students to a range of theories relevant to translating and interpreting, by incorporating discussion of general spoken language translation theories, alongside consideration of sign language interpreting theories and models. Discussions and practical tasks facilitate the identification of linguistic and cultural problems in Auslan translation, and examine various perspectives of these problems. Students access generic lectures on translation theory and complete Auslan-specific tasks, which focus on prepared translations from Auslan into written English and vice versa. Study guides are designed to analyse and critique existing Auslan-English translations, as well as work towards producing appropriate translations according to translation theory. Translations of a variety of texts will be considered, including the Bible, children’s books, policy documents and plays. Assessment is completed by students producing a portfolio of translations.

Attendance requirements: 1 x 2 day block + online

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