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Department of Linguistics



This survey aims to analyse student needs and to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the program.

We greatly appreciate your co-operation with this survey.

Steps to follow are straighforward:

1. Select one of the T&I programs

2. Click 'LOGIN'

3. type in your student number in the 'Student Number' box

4. type in your program code (see below codes) in the 'Program Code' box

5. Follow through the questions until it ends.


T&I Program Name Program Code
Postgraduate Diploma and Master in T&I >> LOGIN MTRANSINT
Master of Advanced Tran >> LOGIN MADVT
Auslan/English Interpreting >> LOGIN AUSLAN
Master of Conference Interpreting >> LOGIN MCONFINT

This is an anonymous survey and your information will not be disclosed and/or used for any other purposes.

Thank you for your co-operation with this survey.

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