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Department of Linguistics

Postgraduate Diploma in Translation & Interpreting Pedagogy(not available in 2014)


The aim of the Translation & Interpreting (T&I) Pedagogy program is to equip T&I practitioners with the knowledge and skills to become T&I educators. The course is also suitable for existing T&I educators who wish to develop a more in-depth understanding of pedagogical approaches to teaching T&I. The program draws on cross-disciplinary collaboration between the Department of Linguistics and Department of Education to provide an up-to-date and rigorous approach to the teaching of T&I. The course is designed to implement best practice in teaching and learning in its delivery and as such gives graduates first hand experience of innovative and effective pedagogical approaches in T&I.


Graduates from the course would be ready to enter (or continue to work in) the teaching profession in the tertiary sector; either TAFE or University. More specifically, by the end of the program graduates should expect to be able to:

  • Exhibit the Macquarie University graduate capabilities of self-awareness, interpersonal skills, communication and critical analysis skills, problem-solving and creative thinking skills
  • Be familiar with, and able to apply, a range of theories of adult learning
  • Have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of pedagogical approaches relevant to the teaching of T&I and be able to apply them in their own teaching
  • Reflect on, evaluate and implement change in their own teaching
  • Desiogn, develop and evaluate curricula and syllabi that correspond to learner needs
  • Understand and implement the assessment cycle, including assessment for learning
  • Design and administer valid and reliable summative and formative learner assessments
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of T&I theory and be able to apply that knowledge in their teaching
  • Undertake research for teaching evaluation
  • Undertake valid and reliable T&I research



Part-time, starting in Semester 1 of each year.



1.5 years part-time



Helen Slatyer

Admission requirements:


Bachelor degree AND NAATI accreditation at Professional level with at least 3 years practitioner experience AND a minimum of six months full-time or equivalent T&I classroom teaching experience.

  The Postgraduate Diploma in Translation & Interpreting Pedagogy is a program designed to meet the needs of translator and interpreter (T&I) trainers and educators who have some experience of teaching translation or interpreting in any languages either in professional development workshops or formal T&I programs. The aim of the program is to enable T&I practitioners to acquire teaching expertise in T&I education and to introduce pedagogical principles to the teaching of T&I. The goal of the program is for graduates to be reflective T&I educators, with an advanced understanding of T&I and pedagogical theories as a foundation for teaching practice. All students are required to relate their learning back to their teaching experience, and critically evaluate their work.
The program is delivered collaboratively between the Translation & Interpreting Program in the Department of Linguistics, with the Macquarie University Institute of Higher Education Research & Development, drawing on the expertise of academics in both departments.
24 credit points are required to complete the Postgraduate Diploma.

course structure :


Details of the course structure are contained in the Macquarie University Handbook.


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