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Department of Linguistics

Master of Advanced Translation


The aim of the Master of Advanced Translation is to enhance the qualifications and skills of practising translators who are accredited at NAATI Professional Translator level or have had translator training at an equivalent level and demonstrate solid competence in results of a translation practical unit (e.g., completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Translating and Interpreting at Macquarie University with a grade of Credit or above in TRAN820 Translation Practice 2). The goal of the program is for graduates to be critically reflective translation practitioners, with advanced academic and practical skills, knowledge and capabilities in translation. All students are provided with a foundation of translation theory, with application of theory to practical and research skills development when translating highly sophisticated, specialized texts, and the capabilities to use advanced translation tools to complete large translation projects (such as novels).


By the end of the program, graduates should expect to be able to:

  • Exhibit the Macquarie University graduate capabilities of self-awareness, interpersonal skills, communication and critical analysis skills, problem-solving and creative thinking skills
  • Demonstrate advanced language skills for translation
  • Discuss the range of literature on translation theory research and practice
  • Apply T&I theory to practice of advanced translation
  • Conduct self and peer analysis and critique of translations
  • Discuss the role of the expert translator in specific contexts
  • Define ethical and professional translation practice
  • Apply linguistic analysis in discussion of specialised translations
  • Harness research skills in translation work
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in the translation of complex texts


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