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Katherine Demuth

Katherine Demuth

Professor (CORE)
Macquarie University

Research and PhD
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Congratulations to Professor Katherine Demuth for the prestigious ARC Laureate Fellowship award for her project 'Neural and behavioural evidence for children's learning of grammatical morphology'.

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We have moved to the Australian Hearing Hub Levels 1 & 3

The Child Language Lab (CLL) is located at Macquarie University, North Ryde. The director of the lab, Professor Katherine Demuth has extensive experience researching linguistics and child language acquisition and established CLL as a synergistic research facility to pursue research in this area.

The lab’s interest in language ranges from how children and adults produce and perceive aspects of language, and how this manifests in language-impaired, bilingual, monolingual and second language learners. Much of the lab’s work is crosslinguistic, using insights from the structure of different languages to better understand the mechanisms underlying the process of language acquisition. Part of this research program also involves a better understanding of the nature of the input (child-directed speech) that language learners hear, and the influence this has on the language learning process. The results from our research has important implications for therapeutic intervention.

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