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Department of Linguistics

Clinic Patients

The Clinics within the Department of Linguistics are teaching clinics of the Macquarie University Master of Clinical Audiology Program and Master of Speech and Language Pathology (MSLP) Program.

The clinics operate as full time clinics, providing teaching and research opportunities and also offering a clinical service to the community. Assessment and intervention services are provided and fully qualified audiologists and speech pathologists staff all clinics. Students enrolled in the Masters degrees of Clinical Audiology and Speech Pathology work in close association with the staff to gain clinical experience.

Speech and Hearing Clinic

article01Speech and Hearing Clinic - Audiology Services

Best practice, independent hearing assessments and services including hearing aids, hearing rehabilitation and diagnosis and management of auditory processing disorders.

article01Speech and Hearing Clinic - Speech Services

Leaders in speech pathology practice for all ages. Clients receive the most effective services available for difficulties with speech, stuttering, language, literacy, voice, and accents.

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