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TermFinder is a collaborative project between dictionary researchers/members of CLaS and University teaching staff in Linguistics and other disciplines. We aim to help beginning students with the technical jargon challenges them in many first-year units in science and social science. TermFinder so far includes termbanks for Biology, Statistics and Accounting students; and termbanks in Geology and Neuropsychology are under development.

Professor Pam PetersTermFinder offers definitions of terms in plain English, and presents examples of their use from unit reading materials. Pronunciations of the term in isolation and in the context of a phrase or sentence are also supplied, as well as diagrams and illustrations. Translation equivalents for the term are provided in some other languages, e.g. Chinese, to help international students.

The TermFinder project was featured on the ABC's Science Show in 2008, and won the Macquarie University's Innovation Award for Learning and Teaching in 2009.

TermFinder Team

The TermFinder team is led by Pam Peters, with participating colleagues from *CLaS and *Linguistics (Claudia Oliveira, Alan Jones, Jan Tent, Adam Smith, Yasmin Funk), from *LTC (Theresa Winchester-Seeto), from *Statistics (Peter Petocz, Jenny Middledorp, Kehui Luo), from *Accounting (Alan Kilgore, Fred Wang), from *Biology (David Raftos). We are indebted to other academic colleagues for help on particular issues

TermFinder was supported by a University Flagship Grant (2006-7). It has since benefited by a Vice-Chancellor's grant (2007-9) and a CLaS postdoctoral fellowship (2007-9), with additional funding from the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Faculty of Business and Economics, and the Faculty of Science.


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