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Department of Linguistics

Child MEG - What’s involved

About US and OUR RESEARCH with children at the Child MEG Lab.
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Frequently asked questions

All of our studies are completely voluntary. If you are interested in taking part the first step is to contact us. We can answer any of your questions and arrange a time for you to come to the lab. The purpose of the first visit is so that you and your child can become familiar with the researchers and the equipment we use. We do this through free play and a variety of activities. If you then decide to take part we will ask you to come back again so that we can begin the actual experiment. You will be paid for each visit and you may pull out of participation at any time without providing us with a reason.

Please note that any magnetic materials on your child’s clothing or body (eg. hair clips, glittery clothing, wrist watches) must be removed prior to the study commencing.  If magnetic material is permanently fixed to your child’s body  (eg. Plates, screws, dental work) then they are not eligible to participate in a study using MEG.

As MEG requires the participant to lie in an enclosed room we advise people suffering from claustrophobia not to take part in an MEG study.


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