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MEG Space Adventure

About US and OUR RESEARCH with children at the Child MEG Lab.
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Frequently asked questions

In order to make the child MEG experience as “child friendly” as possible we have created the idea of an MEG space adventure. The child MEG system is the space ship that will take your child to a strange planet where they might get to go on a treasure hunt or watch some cartoons.  Their mission is to listen to the instructions from ground control through the special earphones within the space ship. There is enough room in the MSR (magnetically shielded room where both the adult and child MEG systems are housed)  for you to stay with your child the entire time. We have cameras in the room so we can see inside at all times as well as a microphone so we can communicate with you throughout the whole process.  We have developed work booklets that contain activities and list the steps involved both for your and your child’s benefit. We also have prizes and certificates given out to each child that participates to show that they are a qualified MEG astronaut.

Video of child undergoing an MEG experiment:

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