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Department of Linguistics


Executive Dean of Faculty Prof. Janet Greeley
Head of Department Associate Professor Lynda Yates
Department Administration Manager Ms Collette Ryan

Academic and Professional Staff - sorted by last name:

Ms. Hiranya Anderson
Ms Ann Sood-Ashby
Dr Liora Ballin
Dr Scott Barnes
Prof Phil Benson
Ms Lynne Blackford
Ms Jean Brick
Ms Jennifer Brown
A/P David Butt
Dr Adrian Buzo
Prof Christopher N Candlin
A/P Ilija Casule
Dr Philip Chappell
Ms Maria Chisari
Ms Jean Cho
Ms Kylie Coaldrake
A/P Felicity Cox
Prof Stephen Crain
Prof Linda Cupples
Prof Katherine Demuth
Ms Jing Fang
Mr Guoqing Ge
Mr Neville Gilbert
Ms Della Goswell
Ms Alisa Gourlie
Dr Elisabeth Harrison
Dr Maria Herke
Dr Izumi Inoue
Ms Heather Jackson
Prof Trevor Johnston
Ms Rebecca Kim
Dr John Knox
Mrs Lalana Knox
Mr Wai-Hung Lam
Ms Michelle Lampert
Mr Michael Lewis
Dr Annabelle Lukin
Dr Robert Mannell
Dr George Major
A/P Catherine McMahon
Ms Deborah Miyashita
Dr Stephen H Moore
Ms Sofia Robredo Moran
Ms Melanie Moscatt
Prof Denise Murray
Dr Jill Murray
Ms Eva Nemeth
Dr Jennifer Peck
Prof Ingrid Piller
Dr Michael Proctor
Ms Yan Qian
A/P Mehdi Riazi
Ms Katelyn Roberts
Dr Verna Robertson Rieschild
Dr Peter Roger
Ms Collette Ryan
Dr Charlotte Setijadi
Dr Mridula Sharma
Ms Helen Slatyer
Mr Adam Smith
Dr Stanley Song
Ms Sue Spinks
Ms Yee-Foong Stone
Dr Jan Tent
Dr. Agnes Terraschke
A/P Rosalind Thornton
Ms Lorraine Whybrow
Ms Margaret Wood
Ms Alice Xufang Wu
Dr Canzhong Wu
Dr Nan Xu
A/P Lynda Yates
Dr Ivan Yuen
Dr. Beth Zielinski

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